112 Playlist!

Okay so I’m continuing my playlist groove, and the only reason why there will be 3 songs with 3 honorable mentions is because 112 aged bad.


In all seriousness, I do not feel too good about making a playlist for men who made sex songs, but those sex songs were good music. Like I plan on making an R Kelly playlist because all scandals aside, in my Diddy voice “It’s all about the music”. But here are my top 3 songs for 112.

  1. “Cupid”, this song holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons. It is a song I vividly remember my mother blasting through the house and my father turning up the volume on as he walked into the door. It is also the first song I sang for choir auditions back when I was a little freshman, and in my opinion I did better than Slim. Listening to the lyrics now, shorty was just tripping. But it’s rare nowadays to find a boy who will efficiently express his feelings like this song did. That’s why you get you a man, who knows how to do so.
  2. “U Already Know”, I love this instrumental because it brings me back to warm 2000s nights when my neighbors would bump this type of music as I played with Barbies and made them dance at 3 am. I later learned that there was a reason why this type of music was only really played at night, which is why I will not go into the details of the meaning of the song.
  3. “Dance With Me”, this track was 10 times better than Peaches and Cream and if you want to we can argue about it.

Honorable Mentions…..


Only You

Peaches & Cream


Written by Shay

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