15 Year Old Jaylen Bledsoe Builds Multi – Million $$ Company



Jaylen Bledsoe started his St. Louis based company at 12 years old with little or no money. Today it’s valued at $3.5 million dollars and he’s now only 15 years old. Bledsoe Technolgies specializes in web design and other IT services to assist small to mid size businesses with their web presence. Bledsoe has over 150 employees across the country and they are currently working with Hotels to have your phone double as your room key. What is most humbling about this young man is what he posted on his site:

Over the last few years, I’ve been able to motivate that kid,

who smokes weed all day, to go and learn about entrepreneurship.

who plays video games all day, to go and learn how to develop his own video game. 

who’s considered a nerd at school, and is bullied.

Often, my peers will say that I’m so lucky to do what I do, or how they wish they could do the same. Every time that I’ve heard this phrase, I get a sense of pride, knowing that I’ve had the opportunity to motive my peers.

Yes Jaylen you truly are a Blessing To Motivate.

Source: Huffington Post

Written by IVC Productions


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