Image result for jasmine mansIn honor of the annual Chicago slam poetry competition season for Louder Than A Bomb coming to an end, I want to spend this time to talk about one of my favorite poets.

Her name is Jasmine Mans. In all honesty, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t watching her 4 minute masterpieces. I’m not the person who can bask in hours of conversation about poets from the past and present, I haven’t spent hours researching poetry styles- I don’t even write poetry myself, but I do know great poetry when I hear it (and see it, since it’s a performance.)

Jasmine is the poet who will have you stopping, rewinding, and reciting her poems as if they were the hottest song on the radio. If I had to describe her work in one word it would be unapologetic. Jasmine’s work is raw and hits deep- she is not afraid to say anything. If you took the thoughts people were scared to say due to judgement and crafted them into the most beautiful and memorable lines, that’s Jasmine’s gift. You have to listen to her yourself and I promise you will be longing for more.

Below are a few of my favorite lines of her’s, but if you think those are great, check out the full pieces!

“Maybe Yeezus Was All Talk/ Jesus Never Needed Adidas To Walk” – Footnotes for Kanye

“Leave You Noose Necked Hanging From Zion, They Will Lauryn Hill You/ The Mis Education of a Barbie Doll Coming Soon” -Nicki Minaj

“Don’t Make It Rain If You Can’t Make It Grow/ Don’t Say You Love Your Hood But Can’t Spit a 16 About Hope” – You Gone Get This Work

Written by Ciera


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