[NEW EP] All Of Us by June’s Diary

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Female RnB artists have really been coming through, and I believe June’s Diary is a huge reason why.

After coming together by way of Chasing Destiny, the docu-series featured on BET with choreographer Frank Gaston and none other than Kelly Rowland, the girls released , melody after melody, finally bringing us to the release of their debut EP “All Of Us”.

These tracks are definitely nothing like the previous mixtape Male Edition. Well all besides one thing; over production, but I’ll get to that later.

Male Edition was a collection of covers and slow songs and clearly was produced to make sure we knew that they were not coming to play on the vocal side. The girls all have different voices, ranges, and vocal skill yet it meshes so wonderfully. On that project specifically, “Where The Party At” was  a fun surprise but I really liked what they did vocally on “Stay”, which are both remixes. One by Jagged Edge and the other by Jodeci.

But let’s get into this all original “All Of Us”. Now I can say they that they are indeed better together as a collective than Danity Kane, but not as good as Day 26.

You ever listened to a track that sounds like a mix with two songs although it was only one? That’s how I feel about this latest EP.

But getting into the tracks, “Good Time” sounds like a Disney song and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, in my humble opinion, the entire EP  (except “Hurt People”) has a “disney” vibe and I just expected more! June’s Diary’s amazing voices need to be used as the instruments instead of all the guitars and other… The producers Pop & Oak are really well known for making tracks that are extremely active. But I think since listeners are trying to listen for all five girls it becomes too much.

SO! Moving forward, I need for them to get another producer and let their voices live.

Written by Shay

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