3 Reasons To Watch ‘Invincible’

Season 2 of “Invincible” will air on Prime Video beginning November 3rd.

“Invincible” is an animated series on Prime Video based on the enormous comic series of the same name, published under Image Comics. Hailed as one of the best modern superhero depictions in modern television, the show’s first eight-episode season has blown up online, and a second season is set to release on November 3rd. On the 21st of July, Amazon released a prequel special centered around one of the supporting characters – Atom Eve. So is it worth a watch? I would say so, and I have three big reasons why:

*Story. The premise of the show follows half-alien teenage boy Mark Grayson, son of the infamous superhero Omni-man who hails from a distant planet known as Viltrum, as he gains his powers during his senior year of high school and having to grapple with his two lives, meeting new friends and battling new foes, while uncovering a sinister plot that undermines everything we knew about the status quo. “Invincible” both pays homage to classic superhero archetypes, but subverts them with its clever breadcrumb trail of a narrative, combining slice-of-life, mystery, action and science fiction into one immersive watch. Not to mention the brilliant work of the voice actors, who give every character a grounded feel. Some of the actors lending their voices include Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, J.K. Simmons, Phil LaMarr, and the late Lance Reddick.

*Art/Animation. The artstyle of this show is downright stellar. The backgrounds feel alive, the characters all have their own unique looks and color schemes. It just feels like it’s directly ripped from the pages of an early 2000s comic book; something that me and many others deeply appreciate.

*The Action. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who has seen “Invincible” will agree that it has some of the most breathtaking and brutal action sequences in any superhero show. It takes the potential of graphic content in animation and ramps it up to 11, especially in its first and last episodes. If you know, you know.

Are you going to give it a watch? Are you excited for season 2? Hit me up and let me know.


By Ezan Charo, Senior, ChiArts

Instagram: @ezancharo

X: @digitalwarlock8


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Written by Ezan Charo

I'm an Asian-African writer/cartoonist. Avid Tetris player, Dungeon Master, Rubik's Cube speedsolver, and massive nerd.

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