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3 Reasons Why The Census Is Important

You may have heard that True Star is an official partner with the 2020 Census. If you don’t know what the census is, just know that it is REALLY important. It is a population count that is done by the government once every decade to gain insight of the number of people in the country including details on their sex, age, and race. Here are a few reasons why it’s very important that everyone makes sure they are counted:

The Census Influences Federal Funding

Every time you see an abandoned building, broken street light, or gigantic pothole think about this population count.  Federal funding is based on population and things like race, sex, and age which is why know accurate numbers are important for your community. The results of the 2020 census provide the government with enough information to know how to allocate over $675 billion to different communities to help with hospitals, fire departments, education, and other services.

The Census Affects Representation in the Government

Did you know that the U.S. Constitution states that the number of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives must be divided amongst the 50 states every ten years? The sole purpose of the census was to reapportion the 435 seats that are in the House. This ultimately leads to more representation for your community as you receive the accurate number of representatives in the government. It allows for better communication of pressing issues that affect lower income and minority communities.

The Census Reveals Trends within the American Market

Data from the census can be analyzed to understand the demographics and growth potential of the American market. The detailed information helps businesses thoroughly understand community needs and assess local labor environments. Ultimately, businesses can look at census data to know what type of stores, factories, and offices to build near you and create jobs.

Don’t forget to do the 2020 Census yourself or have your parent or guardian fill it out. It only takes a few minutes to be counted, so make it count! To learn more about the 2020 Census, check out this video.

By Kyla Hubbard, Senior, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

Instagram: @kyy.r

Kyla Hubbard

Written by Kyla Hubbard

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