3 Reasons Why We Love Storm Reid

This may be corny, but Storm Reid is literally taking Hollywood by storm. The 16-year-old actress has consistently snapped landing roles in 12 Years A Slave, A Wrinkle In Time, When They See Us, and “Euphoria.” It’s almost as if she can’t do anything but star in award-winning productions, and hey, ain’t nobody mad at that! It’s hard to not be obsessed with this Black girl’s magic. Here are just a few reasons why we love her and you should too.


She Is Everyone’s Favorite “Lil Sis”

After playing Zendaya’s little sister in “Euphoria,” it’s hard not to see Storm as a young and impressionable girl who you just want the best for. That’s why it’s so great to watch her succeed. We all know this world is not kind to all of us, so to see her win BET Awards and thrive in Hollywood is heartwarming. We are all rooting for Storm!

She Be Dressing!

Now, one thing about Storm is that her outfits, hair, and nails are always on FLEEK! She pops out at these award shows and movie premieres embracing her natural hair by wearing Fros, braids, ponytails, you name it! She also wears the most experimental pieces and has the confidence to make them work. We love to see a Black girl in her glow like that!

She’s One Of Us

Storm is famous, but she’s still a teenager above that. She never fails to be relatable when she posts short videos of her singing Summer Walker and Beyoncé or her dancing with her mom. It’s always fun to watch her still be able to be “normal” as she is living her best life as a successful actress.

Don’t forget to go support her new movie Don’t Let Go in theaters right now. In the meantime, make sure you’re prepared for Storm Reid, because this girl is definitely the future!


By Kyla Hubbard, Senior, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

Instagram: @kyy.r

Kyla Hubbard

Written by Kyla Hubbard

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