3 Signs It Is Time To Make a Change


We never stick anything out because we’re always searching for “perfect” — perfect job, perfect relationship, perfect church, etc. Then we realize that these places are filled with people, including us, so perfect is far from possible.

So how do we know it’s time to make a big change? How do we know when it’s time to stick in the cubicle or when it’s time to light that thing on fire (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Sometimes we become so used to the swirling sickness that you can’t even smell it anymore. Especially in dating relationships. Relationships can be the trickiest one to spot the crazy.

Sometimes the feelings of love can blind us to the real nuts and bolts of it.

Or are you on a path, a well-paid path where you’re making great momentum, yet you’re going the exact opposite direction you want to go?

This can be the toughest, scariest, and most courageous change anyone can make–when everything on the outside is telling you that you’re doing amazing, yet the real stuff on the inside is trying desperately to get your attention.

The path where you know exactly where it’s headed and it’s not where you want to go. Yet, to leave it would be a sacrifice of finances, comfort, and the collection of cool stuff you take pictures of for Facebook.

Making a change to un-wedge yourself out of something comfortable is far from comfortable.

The most dangerous job you can have is a comfortable one that is slowly floating you away from the things that are truly important to you. The longer you stay in, the harder it is to escape. And the closer you get to the waterfall up ahead.

To make the big change start with yourself.

Before making a big external shift, what internal changes do you need to make so that you don’t make a change that puts you right back into the same situation as before, but just dressed up in different clothes.

Change can be hell. But if you are willing to make the deep changes in you before you change your circumstance, those are the changes of the hero’s journey.

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