3 Tips For Making Your Prom Less Stressful

Prom is fast approaching (way too fast, slow down time we’re not ready! ) and everything about that fact is pretty universally stressful. From dress shopping to group planning to dates and everything in between, prom is an event that isn’t really fun until you’ve finally made it through the doors of that venue in one piece.

All of these factors combined, plus all the ones that are unmentioned, mean that stress is, unfortunately, part of the prom package deal, but there are always ways to lessen it. For the sake of your blood pressure, here are three tips to make prom a little less stressful.

Communicate a set plan a few days in advance

This tip mostly applies to my pre-party group-entourage people. This isn’t a casual hangout session, flexible and fine to be planned last minute. This is the culmination of your four years spent suffering through high school, and communication to make a prom group happen is key. So make that group chat now, not the night before prom but now, and discuss plans with your friends. This means figuring out locations, times to meet, and transportation. Make sure everyone is contributing to the conversation in order to form a successful plan that works for everyone.

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Prepare most things the night before so that you can sleep in on prom day

Chances are that when the day comes, you’ll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Hey, no shame! Prom is a headless chicken type of day. But feeling frantic and unprepared is a breeding ground for unnecessary stress. And being out late at night after an entire day of stress doesn’t sound like something chugging an energy drink will fix. So to make sure you’re actually able to enjoy your night and be conscious of it, try preparing most of what you’ll need the night before. Iron clothes if needed, lay them out alongside your other accessories, do makeup and hair if it’s a style that will hold overnight, and take a long hot bath. With all that out of the way, you should be able to gather some much-needed rest the day of prom before you go out and party late into the night.

Adjust your expectations

Prom is seen as thee big thing, the end goal. It’s in every good high school movie and every good YA book, too. It’s a patent event of high school culture that is almost a myth by the time you actually make it there, and by now you’re probably expecting a certain thing of prom. You have an exact idea of what it’ll be like in your head. Well erase that idea from your brain and give yourself a blank slate. There’s no problem with looking forward to something, but when you set yourself up with an expectation it’s very easy to be let down. Let your prom night be what is going to be and enjoy whatever that may be. Don’t disappoint yourself by expecting the prom scene from the movie “Mean Girls.” Go with the wind and have fun!


By Kendal Amos, Senior, Chi-Arts

Instagram: Kendal.amos


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Written by Kendal Amos

16 years old. Reader/writer/lame musical enthusiast

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