Mental Health Apps At Your Fingertips

Sometimes, we all aren’t fortunate enough to be able to receive therapy or outside help when dealing with mental health. Though it is sad that not everyone has this access, through my journey of dealing with my own mental health, I’ve found a few apps that could help with this.

Insight Timer 

Insight (my personal favorite) has helped me in calming my mind and reducing anxiety because it is a meditation app. There are different forms of meditation that you can do like find a soothing sound or set a timer and sit somewhere and meditate. For me though, I listen to their wide selection of guided meditations. When I’m dealing with anxiety, I go to their meditation section for that and listen to one of their guides and it has helped me so much.

Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety 

What I like about the Moodpath app are the daily questions they ask you about your emotional state and well being. It makes an initiative to have you recognize your mental health on a daily basis which has been beneficial for me. Another part of Moodpath that I enjoy is their large audio library and written exercises. The methods used are based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).


With Youper you get a daily emotional help assistant. On a day when you feel anxiety, stress, or even had a rough day. You can text your emotional help assistant, which will guide you through your emotions and feelings. Also, if you’re having a moment of high anxiety, on this app you can place it on a range and Youper will try to help you with it with their calm-down mode.

These few apps have been a part of my steps to dealing with my mental health and I hope they can assist you too.


By Amaris Edwards, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

Snapchat/Twitter: yungshawty

Instagram: glamaris._


Written by TrueStar Staff

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