4 Mother’s Day Ideas For Your Mom

Mother’s Day is approaching fast. It’s that time of year when everyone is either relieved because they successfully created the perfect plans for their mother or you’re stressing over what exactly to do as the days go by. If you fit into the latter, keep on reading for some unique ideas that’ll surely impress the woman who gave you life.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Lip Lab: Anyone can join in on the fun in the Lip Lab. During this experience, you get to pick your shade and create lipstick. This option is such a fun way to bond and is mother-approved.

Locations: Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Nashville, Las Vegas, Toronto, Texas, Arizona, & California

Little Words Project: At Little Words Project, located in Chicago, you can pay by time and create unlimited bracelets. This is such a simple, yet thoughtful idea that anyone can participate in – I suggest making matching bracelets!

Brunch: You can’t go wrong with brunch; it’s like the key to a successful Mother’s Day. Because who doesn’t enjoy food and good vibes, right? There are so many restaurants to check out, but if you want the very best – I suggest the smaller known gems like Truth in Bronzeville.

Popcraft Studio: At Popcraft Studio, you can learn how to make your rugs through the tufting method. Try making rugs that you think each other would appreciate.  While you’re there, you can also create DIY lipstick, decorative cell phone cases, and mosaic art.

Some mothers claim they want “nothing” when it comes to Mother’s Day just for fun and giggles, because that’s their go-to. You should know by now, exactly what is meant by nothing! There’s nothing wrong with going simple, but if you want to make this Mother’s Day a bit more special than the last, take note.

Now go make this a Happy Mother’s Day for your mom!


By Journey Powell, Freshman, Spelman College

Instagram: journeyaliah


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