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Author Melissa de la Cruz Shares Writing Advice With Youth

Session with the Pros

Author Melissa de la Cruz and actor Frankie A. Rodriguez

Story writing is a particular passion I can personally relate to, which is why when I was invited to Disney’s BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Storytelling Through Writing & Publishing virtual event, I was very excited about the opportunity.

This informative and interactive event provided a closer look into publishing. The process of storytelling featured Melissa de la Cruz author of High School Musical: The Musical Series: The Road Trip. The event was hosted by actor Frankie A. Rodriguez, who plays Carlos Rodriguez in Disney’s new “High School Musical” series.

The author’s newest book coincides with the new Disney series. During the virtual event, viewers got the chance to hear her read from the book. She also shared her personal writing process for her best-selling novels which include 29 Dates, Rise of the Isle of the Lost (A Descendants Novel), Alex & Eliza: A Love Story and many more.

Melissa de la Cruz

As a writer, one part of this event stuck out to me the most, and that was when Rodriguez and de la Cruz asked us to pull out a pen and paper and actually put our mind to work answering writer-specific questions. We even got the chance to hear how the author answered the very same questions.

Listening to de la Cruz speak was nothing short of a once and a lifetime burst of inspiration. Hearing someone as successful as her speak about not only her failures but also her accomplishments, was a treat. Her personal writing process gave me a look into a published author’s real-life struggles and day-to-day tasks which could be what my future could look like.

Now I’m going to spend the next month binge-watching “High School Musical” episodes and checking out de la Cruz’s novels. So should you.


By Kendal Amos, Sophomore, Little Black Pearl

Instagram: Kendal. amos

Written by Kendal Amos

16 years old. Reader/writer/lame musical enthusiast

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