5 Questions With Jameisha Trice

Being in the music industry can be rough. Being a woman in the industry is even harder. Recently, TrueStar spoke to R&B singer Jameisha Trice about the challenges she faces being in the music business.

TS– How hard is it for you being a woman in your line of work?

JT– It’s crazy. Being a woman, being a strong woman, you work so hard to accomplish things, but in order to accomplish things you have to stay on task, so you have to direct people and let people know and sometimes it comes off as being… people call it the B word or whatever… Some people don’t like it and as a woman in a male-driven industry, sometimes it gets crazy. Dudes talk to you any kind of way. In the beginning stages of things like that, before you lay the ground work, people do treat women differently in this industry and a lot of women are subject to a lot of different things that I have not had to experience because I demand respect from every level. So, dudes know not to even to come at me like that because they know they’re not gonna get nowhere. So, you know, I’m blessed but I have my struggles though.

TS– Would you ever consider auditioning for American Idol or any other television singing competition?

JT– I don’t know. I went… I tried out for X-factor and that experience was a hot mess. It was crazy. First thing is, they didn’t let us park in front of the venue. We had to literally park a mile away, walk in the rain, stand in line in the cattle call for hours. From four in the morning, til seven in the morning. Then when we got inside the venue, finally, they gave us a ticket to come back the next day. Parking was $20. And so the next day we did the same exact thing, it rained again, we walked, stood in the rain. [When] they called my name and I went with 3 people. Everybody could blow. So, we alll went in and none of them made it. I heard all of their auditions, killed it. I went in, girl had my cute lil dress on, killed the audition and dude was like “Naw, you’re not what we’re looking for.’ I was hurt.

The X-factor did not work out for Jameisha but she’s still making music on her own.

TS– You write, compose, perform, and publish your own music? Which part of the creative process do you enjoy more?

JT– That’s hard. And let me say I don’t compose all of it. I have to give credit to my partner Bravo. He is amazing. Check him out. But, it’s really hard, because it depends on the day. Some days, I’m in love with songwriting, so much. That’s like my focus. Some days, it’s singing. It just depends on how I feel waking up. But I will say this, if I had to choose anything, it would be singing. It’s something about God giving you an instrument inside of your body that you can produce without anything around you is something that is amazing to me. My passion for voice is probably the strongest.

TS– Which part of the creative process is the most challenging?

JT- The most challenging part is hearing what’s in your head and getting the technology or the equipment and everything else to do what you want it to do. Because I can hear a whole track, a whole song, a whole everything in my head, but when I produce sometimes it doesn’t come out exactly how I hear it. And that’s when you get to that next level. When you can hear exactly what you have in your head and you can transform that and turn that into what you heard. And I love that, when I can do that. It’s hard though. It’s really hard. It’s really hard to do that.

TS– Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JT– Five years? I see myself successful with my company Stars Creative Group Inc. I see myself headlining major tours. My brand being a recognizable brand globally. I see myself being a successful black woman. I wanna have that Michelle Obama affect. She’s amazing, She’s really amazing.


Jameisha Trice is currently working on an EP for her songs. No album yet BUT you can listen to her songs on YouTube. Check out one of my favorites by Jameisha “On Loud.”


Follow Jameisha Trice on Twitter @jameishatrice

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