5 Questions With Upcoming Singer/Songwriter Nu’Dai

Nu’Dai is an upcoming songwriter and singer who defines herself as “completely imperfect, but perfectly made.” She has a very optimistic attitude when it comes to life. She accepts her hard and battling past in order to perform a better and easier life for the future. She comes from a family of musicians and has all the credentials one needs in order to be successful.Check out our interview below.

1. Where does the name Nu’Dai come from?

“I use to be a stripper. I was doing a lot of soul-searching and trying to find my identity. One day I walked in the studio and my producer asked what I wanted my name to be. I told him Nu’Dai. It was a new day and a new time in my life. That was in 2005. Nu’Dai and Tanisha are not that much different. Nu’Dai is my inner person.”

2. What inspires you to sing?

“People inspire me to sing, nature as well. People’s experience within one’s self is a story. Singing helps express what I go through and the things I see. It helps express joy, anger, etc.”

3. If you had to describe your personality in three words only, what would those words be?

“Goofy, because I’m always making jokes. I’m a goofball. I am also expressive and caring. Sometimes I care too much.”

4. What can fans expect from your new single and album?

“They can expect a story. I am introducing myself on this album. The whole album is acoustic. It is also independently funded. I have a separate job and I’m paying for this. They can expect to be surprised and relate. It is very encouraging and inspirational. I am releasing my song “Imperfect” August 8th.”

5. Define success and what advice do you offer to people who want to make it in the music industry?

“Success is making a goal and accomplishing it. A goal could be walking to a door and opening it. If you open it then you are successful. People, who want to be in this industry, just go for it and do it. Make a plan and stick with it. Take the opportunity and follow the right voice. I was Columbus Short’s assistant. He taught me a lot. He used to say, “You just got to go and do it. You have nothing to lose.” So just follow your dreams.”

Nu’Dai would like to work with Prince and possibly even Jay Z. In the next ten years, she sees herself doing a lot. She wants to be a wife, mom, set new goals, act, sing, and write songs. She even wants to help the younger generations. She believes in them. She wants to educate them on being active citizens. In August be on the look out for her new EP and follow her on Twitter @teamnudai.

Twitter: @love_impeccable

Written by Eri Loves


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