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5 Songs That Make You T’up At A Party

I’m in class on a Friday afternoon and the teacher is boring ass hell, but I don’t care y’all, because this party that’s about to buss tonight is going to be epic! As 1:30pm approaches everybody is super hype especially since the party is trending.

It’s 8:43pm, me and my two brothers walk into the party. It’s hot and crowded. The DJ is playing some dope songs, and I see a couple of friends walking around as we eventually end up standing on the wall, but G, when the DJ drops Drake’s “Nonstop” I was too hype! As I watch a group of girls start to “wop” in front me I hear the next beat come in and I already know it’s “Drip Too Hard.”

Drip too hard, don’t stand too close
You gon’ f**k around and drown off this wave

Then I hear “Bonjour” by G Herbo & Southside but when Chief Keef’s “Faneto” drops all you’re going to see are lil sweaty boys jumping around everywhere with their arms wrapped around each others necks singing every verse, word for word. All I’m thinking is they better not step on my shoes because I’m going to make them look like a fool. LOL



By:Amani “Mani” Stiffend

True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff

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