5:30 Scholars’ Math Masters Event Brings Like Minds Together

Sylus Green of 5:30 Scholars addresses this year’s Math Master attendees. / Pix: He Shoots Lyfe

Sylus Green and the 5:30 Scholars recently held their second annual Math Masters competitions and it was a success. The Math Masters competition kicked off at West Pullman Community Center and students were instantly on go mode as soon as they walked through the door. The tournament had over 400 students involved and everyone gave it their best.

Pix: He Shoots Lyfe

While students were competing, fans were chanting for who they wanted to win. If they weren’t in the crowd chanting, they were playing football or soccer along with other fun activities to enjoy while waiting for their turn to compete. The winner of the competition was Caleb Green who took home the first place trophy after receiving the highest score for answering 86 questions in one minute. “The competition was a success! We had over 400 kids and plan to have over 1000 by our next competition which is in March,” said Sylus Green. “I am grateful that my son was able to bring home first place and now he has to get better from now on.”

Pix: He Shoots Lyfe
Pix: He Shoots Lyfe
Pix: He Shoots Lyfe
Caleb Green was named this year’s 2022 Math Masters winner.

According the organization’s website, “the mission of the 5:30 Scholars is to provide educational college readiness for students who aspire to graduate in the top 5% of their class and score a 30 on the ACT exam or SAT equivalent. The 5:30 Scholars Club integrates intensive math and reading programs, mentorship, community service initiatives, STEM activities, and economic development skills to foster academic success, personal development, and community-minded individuals.”

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