93Boyz Feed the Block, Warm the Block

Vic Mensa (c), of 93Boyz, poses with Luke James, Hannaha Hall, Jason Weaver, Eldridge Williams of The Delta, and Jacob Latimore the the recent Feed the Block Warm the Block charity event.

Feed the Block Warm the Block recently traveled around Chicago helping the homeless and the migrants. Chicago’s very own Vic Mensa and 93Boyz, along with Eldridge Williams and The Delta, continued their journey on supporting those in need.

The giveback took place this past Friday on January 26th starting at The Delta.  Volunteers included stars of the hit TV show “The Chi,” Jason Weaver, Luke James, Jacob Latimore, and Hannaha Hall. The cast of “The Chi” helped supply the meals for everyone to eat while also partnering with Mensa to give out warm weather items and toiletries.

After everyone finished up at The Delta they began to make their way south going to 2380 S. Halsted to finish passing out the warm weather items along with the meals they have prepared together. Everything was gone in less than an hour. Proof that this giveaway was beneficial to those in need.

Be sure to check out 93Boyz and The Delta for more information about the giveaways.


By Christopher Lockridge

Instagram: Lockotb


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Written by Christopher Lockridge

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