A Bro Match For The History Books

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When you think of a family having problems, you think of a rough situation. Maybe it’s rent, or an argument. The Curry family has a different problem. Their biggest one right now is deciding which jersey to wear and who to support since both Steph Curry, from the Golden State Warriors, and Seth Curry, from the Portland Trail Blazers, are facing each other in the NBA playoffs. Having a family problem like that is a dream, and a funny reality, too.

The Curry brothers always remember growing up and playing with each other as kids. Steph is 31, three years older than Seth. The Curry match-up will go down in history as the first time brothers have played against each other in the Conference Finals. We all know which brother has been more popular and talked about. Steph is looking for his fourth ring, while Seth still has a lot to do to get to his big brother’s position.

The way the Curry parents decided whose jersey to wear for game one was, well, different. They did a coin flip and whoever landed on the “P” had to wear the Portland jersey. Sonya Curry, the matriarch of the family, ended up wearing the Blazers jersey while Dell Curry, the father, repped Steph and his team. During the game, it was funny watching the parents cheer for their son’s. Sonya was seen cheering for Steph after hitting a shot, even though she was wearing Seth’s jersey! For game two the parents swapped jerseys.

So far the Warriors are up two games. In my opinion, this series is clearly going to be won by Steph and the Warriors since they’re overall a better team, and we have yet to see who they’ll be playing in the NBA Finals. But who knows; miracles have been known to happen.


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