A Different Perspective, Pt. 2

A Newbie’s Lolla Recap for Day 4

G Herbo

This last day of Lollapalooza was really lit. I had a lot of fun over these last two days, and I hope I am able to go back to Lollapalooza next year.

When I got there, I came in the middle of G Herbo’s set which was so hyped. For some of his songs, he wasn’t even rapping. He was just vibing out with the audience. He even brought out Chance to perform one of their songs together.

Everyone knew all of his lyrics and people were living their best lives. You could just feel the Chicago pride in the audience. The energy was contagious the whole time.

Next up was Rico Nasty’s performance and it was both fun and painful. I would say out of all the performances I attended, her crowd was the most energetic and lively. She was throwing t-shirts into the crowd and was just getting everyone hyped.

A quick selfie of me and fellow True Star content creator Marquis.

The only downside for me was that there were so many mosh pits. I was fine after the first three, but afterwards I had to leave early because I was in pain. Considering I am not that tall, it is safe to say I was getting tossed around like a rag doll.

Finally, we had Young Thug to close out the festival and he had a pretty good set. The only downside was that he started almost a half hour late. I’ll let him slide though, because I know there probably had to be a lot of rescheduling issues due to him taking Dababy’s slot.

Young Thug

He came out looking fierce in an all pink attire. He was standing on top of a glass box type item just doing his thing. The stage was set up nice and his backup dancers were doing what had to be done. Everyone in the audience was finishing the end of the lyrics, like you could tell there were some day one fans in the audience. It was a good way to close out the day.

Overall the festival was really fun and I had a really good time attending. Can’t wait to see how next year’s festival goes.


By Alicia Wormley, Junior, Columbia College Chicago

Instagram: aliciaw_26

Written by Alicia Wormley

Heyyyy, what's good y'all. My name is Alicia Wormley. I am currently a student at Columbia College Chicago. I am also the Super Team leader for True Star.

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