A Girl’s Lie Led To Injustice For Brian Banks

An excellent friend, a good student at Polytechnic High School, and a star athlete with big dreams of making it to the NFL, was exactly what Brian Banks was before he was convicted of kidnapping and rape. Get this, the girl he supposedly raped was his childhood friend. Strange right? They use to mess around in the staircase of their high school before the conviction.

He had a lawyer who was a rookie. Brian Banks’ case was the first one he’d ever handled. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading no contest to all charges.The girl’s family received 1.5 million dollars from the civil suit. Well after serving 5 years, he got a Facebook request from his accuser. He decided to have a meeting with his childhood friend, Wanetta Gibson. She admitted that she made the whole story up for an unknown reason. She agreed to help him get off as long as she did not have to testify in court because of the fear she held with paying the money back.

His lawyer says that the case is completely clear now “and it’s as if it never happened.” Luckily for Brian dreams do come true. He is now 26 years old and the Seattle Seahawks say that they’ll take a chance on Brian.He will begin working out with them on June 7th. Not only has he received an offer from them, but he has received an offer from a dozen of the NFL teams.

I personally hate the fact that he had to put a hold on his dreams and career goals. I hate more that Wanetta Gibson lied on him. He is an African-American male who is actually doing something with his life and staying out of trouble and she went and tried to destroy that. Sad situation, but I definitely hope he finds a home with one of these NFL teams. He deserves every minute of the field he can get. I love football, so you know I’ll be checking him out.

What would you say to the alleged accuser if you had a chance to talk to her?

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Source: Clutch Magazine

Written by Eri Loves


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