‘A Home What Howls’ Is A Timely Must-See Play

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The play a home what howls, starring Leslie Sophia Perez, is playing at the Steppenwolf until March 2nd. / Photos: Courtesy of the Steppenwolf Theatre

Playwright Matthew Paul Olmos’ a home what howls (or the house what was ravine) has officially begun showing at the Steppenwolf Theatre.

Showing from February 7 to March 2, this play based on real events tells the story of communities who are displaced all over the world. The story takes place in Los Angeles, California, and speaks to the displacement that many people there and in many other places across the country experience. Activism and fighting for what you believe in are themes seen throughout this work.

This play strongly emphasizes the importance of relationships with loved ones and how we’ll do whatever is necessary to ensure they’re in the best position possible, often putting ourselves on the line. It also shows that one can be rich despite not having a large sum of money. When you have family and love, you have a lot of what you need.

Soledad Vargas (Leslie Sophia Perez), the play’s main character, is actively fighting for her family to be able to continue to live on their land. The Vargas family is facing being displaced as a result of housing and architectural developments taking place near their home. Despite the chaos they’re experiencing, the Vargas family still do whatever they can to maintain happy lives filled with love.

For more information about the play and tickets to future shows, click here. If you’re interested in seeing the amazing and relatable play, check out the trailer below.



By Cierra Lemott, Columbia College Chicago Aumni

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