A Lawsuit Is Calling Toya’s Name!

Toya Wright,the author of Priceless Inspirations, is being sued for one million dollars! Allegedly her publisher, Farrah Grey, was not very happy with the sales. Toya claims that she has been working to the max to sell her book for two years and her book was one of New York’s bestsellers.She is not the only one who has a lawsuit though. Another one of Farrah’s authors is also being sued, Ky-mani.Toya took to Twitter saying,


“you must really be BROKE….. u trying to sue me for 1 million dollars. for whAt??? give me 1 good reason…how are you gonna sue me when you owe me money?????‪ #wheretheydothatat.‬” She later tweeted, “let me remind you Farrah Grey……are you forgetting that “Priceless Inspirations” was your 1st and only NY times bestseller. ‪#imjustsayin‬.


One million dollars is a little extreme for a book.This could be sticky.Toya is now working on a new book with a different publisher.Good luck Toya– because everybody is not happy with your success!

Twitter: @love_impeccable

Written by Eri Loves


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