A Look Back At My 2021

Emmanulla Alausa

Now that we are near the end of 2021, I can say, “Thank God for another year.” As an individual who believes in God, the Bible verse “In all things give thanks,” (Philippians 4:4-7 / 1Thessalonians 5:18) rings like a bell in my head during this time. This is one of those easier said than done actions, but my strength comes from God and a lot of times we are exposed to a new level of beauty, appreciation and grace through pain. The uncertainty of the pandemic, literally changing every other month if not every week, had people mentally and physically distressed; but I am sure there is always some positives in our life. As mentioned by Miss Oprah, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

There have been phenomenal ups this year for me, such as knowing more about myself, experiencing different environments, being invited to the United States by the A D King Foundation to give a speech on youth empowerment and minster through dance, going to thee Mrs. Naomi King’s house, being able to work with True Star Media, making new friends, progressing in sociology (the struggle at times is so real), and being more at peace. Like, who am I? No, I am joking. This is a feeling of gratitude. Preparation and focus at times made a lot of these things possible, but also time and chance.

Alausa and Martin Luther King III in Atlanta.
Alausa and Naomi King

There were also the downs that no one wants to post about online. The downs included my sister’s dad that died, a school mate, and close family friends that died. A time I found tough this year was struggling to effectively sympathize with my sister-friend who lost her mum unexpectedly. Yes, you can buy food, say sorry or cry with them but I still felt like it was not enough. I was just there. I am that friend that laughs at nearly everything and makes people laugh because of my laugh, but I later realized that sometimes just being there is enough.

Chances are that you too have had many valuable lessons this year. Take the time to answer these questions and reflect on the person who you are becoming.

  1. What mistakes are you still holding on to from the past year?
  2. What accomplishments are you proud of this year?
  3. What sentence or phrase sums up your year?

I hope my reflection of 2021 makes you feel something. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


By Emmanuella Alausa, Bishop Thomas Grant High School, London

Instagram: @theellls

Written by Emmanuella

My name is Emmanuella and I love to talk. As the youngest of four in an African household I can say it's not that bad. I am an author of my two books, "My Prayer Shawl" and "#it'saPandmeic". I wrote my first book at 13 and my second at 16. That was fun. I want to be relatable, fun and helpful.

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