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Paris Fashion Week Highlights

Chanel’s oversized floppy hats were a huge hit.

Fashion month has wrapped up, and to end it we had the infamous Paris Fashion Week. If you’re into fashion, or even if you aren’t, you know how important this event is. It showcases new fall-winter collections from all the top designers, and many, many big names attend. It’s safe to say that this event shapes the year of fashion to come.

This year, for 2024, there were many great looks. We saw a lot of plaid, leather, ruffles, and fur. These all seem like bold, risky choices in fashion, but they truly were spun in new and creative lights that made them shine bright. But we saw hundreds, if not thousands, of new outfits during Paris Fashion Week. So, what were the best ones? Here are the top eight collections featured.

Chanel Tweed And Floppy Hats

Chanel’s collection, by creative director Virginie Viard, was a “love letter” to original founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s first fashion pieces in her 1912 sea-side Deauville shop, according to SCMP. This collection features loose silhouettes (which Coco Chanel notably used as a movement against restricting corsets), cropped fisherman’s pants, tweed, and big floppy hats, giving a stunning vintage look.

Hermès’ Night-time Motorwear

Nadège Vanhee, Hermès’ women designer, had a similar historic inspiration described by The Cut. She drew from Eugenie Eve, a seamstress who became notable for being Hermès’ first leather craftswoman in the early 1900s. This collection, like Eve’s own life, focused on motorbike inspiration amidst a night-time runway setting. Lots of leather shone through wonderfully, as well as more subtle references like blazers cut to resemble the curve of a leather horse saddle.

Balmain Ode To Older Women

Balmain’s artistic director Olivier Rousteing led this collection which highlighted a group not often seen on the runway: older women. This collection featured a variety of styles, including long trench coats, leather dresses, and high-trim collars. Many of the pieces featured grape iconography, such as brooches, jewelry, or small hand-held decorations, which HypeBeast explains is in honor of Rousteing’s grape-growing hometown Bordeaux. One dress specifically took this to a stunning new level with a shiny jeweled fruit pattern and grapes coming to life on the shoulders.

Ib Kamara’s Off-White Debut

Ib Kamara made his debut as creative director of Off-White, and his collection impressed. He focused on the “working woman” as described by CNN, with a very timeless look. This collection included lots of faux fur, hybrid cuts, and streetwear-turned maximalist. These looks definitely screamed “the future of fashion”.

Chloé Ruffles

Another creative directorial debut, Chemena Kamali at Chloé, shined this season. This collection gave love to sheer dresses and flowy tops. Many of these pieces made use of something that can easily go wrong in fashion: ruffles. These ruffles surely did not go wrong, though, as they were elegantly made to add depth to their pieces. Instyle described these pieces as “effortless and languid,” which we can’t help but agree with.

Rochas Turning Cozy to Chic

Alessandro Vigilante also made his own debut at Rochas. This collection paid tribute to Rochas founder Marcel Rochas, inspired by their original 1930s collections, said Fashionista. It featured looks that resembled cozy outfits of blankets and robes, turned into chic designs that played with silhouette and color.

The Row’s Dark Academia At It’s Finest

The Row’s founders, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, sparked some controversy as they asked for no photography during their runway shows. “Instead, they gave each of their 150 or so guests a Japanese-made notebook and a Blackwing pencil to jot down impressions of the 30 outfits they presented,” reported The Cut. This allowed for watchers to truly appreciate the details of fashion, emphasizing the pieces themselves and not just the runway spectacle. This collection showcased rustic, “dark academia” looking outfits featuring ribbon-woven dresses, wool jackets, and notched collars.

Saint Laurent Men’s Show

Saint Laurent surprised fashion fans with a secret show that had everybody wondering what it would showcase. To everyone’s delight, it was a men’s collection, which often doesn’t get the spotlight during Fashion Week. SCMP explained that this collection, too, was an homage to founder Yves Saint Laurent, who was known to be at the center of Paris nightlife in the 70s and 80s. These looks featured loose silhouettes and sharp, broad shoulders, giving a very classy look to menswear.


By Caileigh Winslade, Freshman, DePaul University

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