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Abortions In Texas Now A Felony 

Texas protestors fighting for abortions have been ignored. / Michael Gonzalez/The Texas Tribune

During a recent scroll on Twitter I found a post written by Natalie Crawford, MD that said, “Welcome to Texas. Today abortion, a medical procedure, is now a felony. Punishable with up to life in prison. No exceptions for rape or incest.” Doctors who perform these abortions can be fined up to $1000 plus the consequences of spending life in jail. According to the Texas Tribune, the Lone Star state now has three major abortion bans already in place and seven administrative regulations that follow said procedure. Clinics across Texas have already begun shutting down fearing prosecution.

When I read that my jaw hit the floor. To say that I didn’t think this would possibly happen would be a lie considering just how conservative the south is, especially Texas. I wasn’t shocked but however very saddened and disgusted to hear that our human rights are once again being stripped away from us by people who are old enough to be our great grandparents. Stripped away by people who don’t have reproductive organs or people who should have no say in whether or not someone should carry through with this life altering decision.

On August 25th 2022 Texas officially put this plan into effect. We should all be outraging right now and protesting because this is just not right, never has been and it never will be. There has to be something severely morally wrong with someone to believe that a potential life is more important than the people who are ALREADY living. People struggling to survive, babies who never make it out of foster care, or even worse, babies who die in the care of people who gave birth to them all because they did not want children. This is only more harmful to the person who needs to get an abortion or they could die or even if they have a miscarriage, they would not be able to properly assess the situation and many people will end up hurt. All this ban is doing is ruining lives when they should be saving them.


By Jay Bryant

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Written by Jay Bryant

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