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The Misconceptions of Post College Life

Attention all college students, especially those who are graduating either this fall or coming up in the spring. This conversation we’re about to have is VERY important. I understand the feeling of just wanting the journey to be over, but I’m telling you right now don’t rush it because once college is over IT’S OVER. Being an adult is not what you think. The idea of being on your own, working a dream job, getting accepted in that grad program, the perfect social life, and everything that comes with it sounds exciting right? Wrong! Erase the fantasy you have now because after this you will see the pressure you’re putting on yourself isn’t necessary.

Misconception #1: Getting the BIG Girl/BIG BOY J-O-B: The common question after graduation you will hear is, “So what’s the next step?” Immediately you feel the pressure to have life planned out perfectly for others approval. For some they can say they were offered the top paying job in their major. On the other hand you have the people that apply and get rejected. Don’t be discouraged that you didn’t get the gig. Remember that it’s okay to chase your dreams whatever they may be, including starting a business, making music, or being an actor.  JUST DO IT. Don’t be scared to take a chance on you!

Misconception #2: Living at home SUCKS: Babyyyy let me tell you! Home life means different things to different people. I graduated December 9, 2019, and my mom made sure I always knew that whatever my plans were after school I could ALWAYS come home. Not all young adults have this option. Whether you decided to move out or not, the upside of staying at home is saving your coins. This presents you with the opportunity to put money away for when you figure out the next steps.

Misconception #3: Don’t take a gap year. You will never go back to school: Right now, for some people this statement may be true, but it isn’t a hardcore rule. Everyone has to do what feels right for them. Going to school since the age of 3 can be exhausting, so it’s okay if chasing your dreams may not include more schooling. Getting that masters degree is awesome when the timing is right for you. Reach for that PhD if you want to. Don’t limit yourself. Keep in mind that it’s okay to just have other plans for yourself.

My life didn’t go as planned when I graduated from college. I don’t have my dream job, or my own living space, but I got promoted at my current job that I started while in college. I decided to take a year off. I’m keeping my options open, too. No I didn’t do everything right, but here’s a quote that I shared on my college radio show that I live by: “Working a 9 to 5 pays the bills, but your dreams will make you rich!” So with that being said, when you graduate do whatever makes you happy. It’s your life and it’s the only one you get, so live it.


By Brenae Scott, Alcorn State University Alumni

[email protected] iam_illinoize


Written by TrueStar Staff

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