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Advice From A Content Creator

Growing up in a world of social media, teenagers consume content made by others every day, all day. Whether it be on YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, or the seemingly endless amounts of social media apps, it’s impossible to escape social media as a young person these days. I mean, you’re quite literally doing it right now. And as we consume this content, almost everyone has had the thought “I think I could do that” at LEAST one time in their life. So what’s it like being a content creator? And, is it even worth it?

In regular everyday scenarios, I go by Cameron, but in the world of the internet and content creation, I’m known as “TheNextAdmin,” or just ‘Admin.” I started making gaming-related YouTube videos almost two years ago now, and I’m just recently coming off hiatus, so I’d say I’m fairly well-versed in the world of YouTube. If you’re someone who is interested in creating any shape or form of content, then I suggest you pay very close attention to the next words I’m about to say, because it’s possibly the most important piece of information any content creator can give you. Content creation is HARD. And almost ALL of the time, it’s going to feel fully impossible to gain followers or subscribers. Nine times out of 10, you aren’t going to make a career off of it in a few months, and more often than not, it will take several years for you to make it off the ground. Just to put it into some perspective, I made content for YouTube for about a year and a half, and in that time I gained 100 subscribers. And in that year and a half, I can confidently say that it was So. Much. Fun.

Content creation is HARD. And almost ALL of the time, it’s going to feel fully impossible to gain followers or subscribers.

If you weren’t turned off by me telling you that you wouldn’t be internet famous in a few weeks, you’ve already reached the first step in becoming a content creator. Because, you can’t make content strictly for the money, or the fame, you have to do it because it’s something you LOVE to do. When you’re first starting out, nobody’s going to expect you to have top-notch cameras, mics, and recording equipment. Start with what you have, and expand from there. Do what you wanna do! It’s fun! But also be aware of how much time you have. You have a life outside of making content, and it’s going to be hard to balance both of them. I could likely give a million more tips on making content, but the biggest one I can give you is: Don’t get discouraged. If a video or idea you’ve been pouring your soul into doesn’t do as well as you wanted it to, that’s okay. If you feel like you aren’t gaining any traction, that’s okay too. Celebrate the small victories. Because in the end, those are the ones that actually matter.


By Cameron Foster, Freshman, DePauw University

Instagram: @next_admin


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