AJ Tarzian’s Artwork Is A Must See

AJ Tarzian is a great artist that you need to checkout, but first let’s get to know him. Tarzian brings his imagination to life through his infamous pop-up exhibits showcased all across the country. He has been featured in Vice, People Magazine, and on WGN and has received many good reviews throughout his career. Many people know him for his work as the original designer of “Stranger Things” at the Emporium Chicago from 2017-2019. His latest work was featured in the Chicago Tribune, Esquire, Business Insider, and lastly on Netflix’s hit show “Stranger Things”.

Tarzian is now working at Replay Lincoln Park to bring in some cool art pieces. His first piece is Y2k. The meaning behind Y2K is to show the evolution of technology. Tarzian stated, “Beware, there’s a ghost in this machine leading the crowd into a world of computer science, using binary codes and discrete values to transmit messages to mankind.” While looking at Y2K, you can see how technology has come a long way, and it might bring back some memories just by looking at the art display. Tarzian stated, “This was a two-day project. The inspiration behind the work is I remembered when I was young, and technology was starting to develop and progress as time went by and we thought the world was coming to an end because of how advance technology had become. There was technology for everything, and it really changed how humans lived.”

The second piece that Tarzain has on displayed at Replay Lincoln Park is his latest piece, which is from Jurassic World, has attracted a lot of attention in less than two weeks. The Jurassic World piece was a challenge, but he got it done. Tarzain stated, “The dinosaur was the hardest part. I didn’t know how to create it at first because there is nothing that can match their skin. Then a week goes by, and I was looking at a Home Depot bag and I realized this matches the skin of a dinosaur, and I used Home Depot bags to create the skin of the dinosaur. I melted the bags together and it came out perfect.” Jurassic World did play a part in Tarzain’s childhood, that’s why he came up with the idea to create this art piece and of course he did not disappoint.

AJ Tarzain

You can find Tarzain’s new pieces of art at Replay Lincoln Park on 2833 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago, IL 60657. You can also contact Tarzain via Instagram @anarchitype or


By Christopher Lockridge

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