Alabama Ends DEI Progamming

Are we truly taking decades of our society’s progression away? It appears so.

Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey recently sent the U.S. into confusion and ultimate shock. Despite the state always representing as a Republican-led state, many supporters and even critics may not have seen the fall of DEI coming to this extent. “Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has signed a bill banning diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs in publicly-funded colleges, making the southern state one of the latest Republican-led states to enact broad measures against what they claim is a leftward tilt in U.S. education. The bill, known as SB129, bans institutions from maintaining DEI offices or teaching what the bill calls “divisive concepts” about race and identity, including discussions of whether “slavery and racism are aligned with the founding principles of the United States,” reports. According to the website, the bill also authorizes state agencies to “discipline or terminate employees or contractors who violate” the law.”

As a Black woman in America, this is truly disheartening and disturbing that certain parts of the U.S. are trying to essentially re-write history or bury important facts about our nation. Truthfully, ending essential DEI programs and opportunities is an attack on equality; this is a form of racism that Alabama is no longer afraid to hide behind. Not only has their governor signed this bill, but transgender rights advocates’ have struggled to acquire gender neutral restrooms, but Alabama is not budging on gender. This law will officially become effective in October and I can only imagine how far removed their upcoming generations will be. What does this say about the state of our nation? Why is “diversity” such a concept that’s threatening to completely wipe from your state in its entirety? What will happen to the minorities who reside in Alabama? Who advocates and protects them?

Despite this shocking announcement, Governor Ivey’s administration is doing everything in their power to communicate that Alabama’s standard of “rich diversity” will continue, but they aim to stop any DEI supporters with contrasting views of their state citizens, according to Universities and schools are supposed to teach their youth with factual and accurate information that has occurred in our history; regardless of how it may paint the caucasian race to be. No one protected Black history and culture with the reality of trauma and racially slain circumstances. “The legislation prohibits local public school boards and universities from maintaining an office or department that promotes DEI,” CNN reports. “It also bars students, employees, and contractors from being required to attend any DEI “training, orientation, or course work that advocates or requires assent to a divisive concept” (CNN).

As the 2024 presidential election is almost upon us, I truly hope that our nation makes the best decision for our leader.


By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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