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Alyssia Ballerina!


#TrueStarRocksWith Alyssia Ballerina​! Ballet is one of the most beautiful forms of art. Ballet takes dedication, commitment and true talent. Ballet dancers are well respected and are admired for the years of hard work that it takes to become a professional ballet dancer. In recent years there has been a strong effort to encourage girls of color to participate in ballet programs. Unfortunately, for many of these families it is not always financially feasible to enroll their children in a credible ballet program in Chicago. There is a limitation of resources and support for young dancers of color to be able to fully obtain professional success in the world of ballet.

To help give the opportunity to young girls who share a common dream of becoming a ballerina, Alyssia Duda, a student at the Joffrey Academy of Dance launched Alyssia’s Dream. Alyssia’s Dream is a GoFundMe campaign raising funds to provide scholarships to deserving girls. Alyssia’s Dream began when she mistakenly learned how much her tuition is to take ballet lessons. She went to her parents and told them she had to do something to help them and others.

For more than a year Alyssia has dreamed of sharing her love for ballet with other girls. She has a passion to be an inspiration to aspiring dancers.
To learn more about Alyssia’s Dream and to donate visit Thank you in advance for your support to help make Alyssia’s dream come true, giving other little girls the chance to become ballerinas. #GoodInTheHood #TrueStar

Check out this video!

#GoodInTheHood #TrueStar


Written by Cozene Williams

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