‘Amber Brown’ Makes Her Way To TV

Carsyn Rose plays Amber Brown in this Disney+ family show.

A book series adapted into a TV series? Um, YES PLEASE!!!

The new series “Amber Brown” is now streaming on Apple TV+, starring Carsyn Rose (“The Rookie,” “Cousins for Life”), Sarah Drew (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Cruel Summer”), Darin Brooks (“Blue Mountain State,” “The Croods: Family Tree”) and newcomer Liliana Inouye. The show highlights the story of Amber Brown—a newcomer to middle school who is going through a variety of changes in her life. With her parent’s divorce and her best friend moving away, she is now forced to adjust to a brand new environment.

Throughout Amber’s journey, we watch her grow as an individual and as an artist, who expresses herself through her sketchbook and video diary. Rose, who portrays this inspiring role describes Amber as “a funny, smart character…when I’m going into that character it makes me feel like Amber is the best version of me.” Rose and her character have many similarities and differences as well. “I feel like I relate to her in so many ways. But especially on a level of like her creativity. I feel like I am a creative person and I’ve learned you can use that to express yourself.”

Drew, who plays the role of Amber’s mother, is not new to the acting world. Known for her beloved role in ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” she is known for her outstanding portrayal of deep and emotional characters. But playing the role of Sarah Brown comes with a very personal touch for the actress. “I mean I think once you become a mom in life you never depart from that energy. I bring my motherhood into every place I go in my life, into every role in some way. But this one felt really…I felt really, really connected to Sarah Brown. I feel like so many conversations throughout this series, this first season felt like they were lifted straight out of my living room… .” Being a mother herself, this role is very important to Drew, as she hopes mothers, and all other viewers around the world, can see themselves in her shoes and relate to the touching stories told.

Rose and Sarah Drew

The new show adapted from the hit children’s book series by Paula Danzinger, is directed and written by Bonnie Hunt, who also is the show’s executive producer and showrunner. “I really wanted to respect the ripple effect of storytelling. That when something is smart and kind and funny it has a ripple effect that maybe it just puts some good energy out there and people will laugh and really relate to these characters,” said Hunt.

When curating the show she had many different narratives she wanted to showcase, highlighting similarities and differences from the stories’ origin. “I was already on a mission to write this show based on my mom encouraging me to talk to this generation,” said Hunt. “It was serendipitous that I would run into the people that had the rights to Amber Brown. And then the family of the author of Amber Brown giving me the creative license to make Amber older, to change the character into an artist who thinks in full animation. Y’know, her imagination.”

“Amber Brown” is a show that everyone can and will enjoy. It is a captivating coming-of-age story that is personable, touching, comedic, and all-around fun. There are twists and turns that will either leave you on the edge of your seat in anticipation or sobbing from overwhelming emotions. It is beautifully written with outstanding acting and directing. A true must-watch.

Stream “Amber Brown” on Apple TV+ today. Watch the full interview below.


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