Amber Rose Stirs Confusion With Her New Face Tattoo!


Remember when Gucci Mane got a face tattoo of an ice cream cone? Well he’s not the only celebrity getting facial tattoos! Pictured in the above photo are Beyonce and Amber Rose posing at the “Made in America” music festival. This appears to be a normal photo of two happy mothers but this is no ordinary photo. It did cause a stir because of Amber Rose’s new face tattoo of what appears to be an upside-down cross. Many people think that it is satanic or even represents the Illuminati (an evil secret society for celebrities that many people believe in) Of course, Amber fired back & took to Twitter responding” An upside down cross is a St. Peter’s is not satanic…Look it up before you speak ignorance.. Good day.” Well that was a pretty straightforward response. What do ya’ll think about facial tattoos?

Written by Chioma


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