Apple Unveils The New-new

iOS 15 from Apple

Along with the unveiling of the new iPhone 13, iPad, and Apple Watch Series 7, the tech giant announced its latest iPhone operating system, iOS 15.

Launching September 20th, the iOS 15 update provides increased privacy for Apple users when browsing the web and allows them the option to block companies and advertisers from email tracking.

iPad and iPhone iOS 15 Enhancements

Since the release of the iOS 14 update, June 15th, Apple has mainly focused its energy on enhancing the online privacy of its users. And the newest update is no different. At the core of iOS 15 is a list of privacy updates intended to cloak web browsing in Safari, block ad trackers, and lessen the amount of information famous social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can gather about user behavior.

  • Hide My Email: This is a feature users have requested for a long time. It allows Apple email users to create random email addresses for e-commerce social media sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. For instance, say you purchase something from a new website, the ‘Hide My Email’ feature masks your name to the sender while allowing you to get all the relevant messages from the site.
  • iCloud Private Relay: This feature hides all unencrypted web traffic moving through the Apple browser, Safari. The service from the Apple Private Relay allows users to browse the internet without disclosing their IP address, making it exceedingly difficult for websites to track web browsing activities, reducing the data sites and browsers accumulate from users. Simply put, it is a free VPN.
  • Mail Privacy Protection: When E-commerce, social networking sites, and newsletters send emails to consumers, they install “tracking pixels.” The pixels allow email senders to monitor information like other apps you use, the amount of time you spend reading their name, and extra personal information. The Mail Privacy Protection feature assures tracking pixels are blocked, and your email behavior is not exposed.

The iOS 15 update also introduces unique sharing and productivity features, such as:

  • Focus Mode: Apple has taken note of the fact iPhone users are continually distracted by notifications. So, they’ve created a method that lets users filter notifications based on whatever they are currently doing, whether it is fitness, sleep, gaming, reading, driving, work, or personal time. If you are constantly annoyed by useless notifications like most, this feature is a lifesaver.
  • FaceTime on the Web: The FaceTime service improvements may be the most valuable part of the iOS 15 update. You are now able to schedule calls or share meeting invites with Windows and Androids contacts. Also, FaceTime now has a new microphone that eliminates background noise, a spatial audio setting, and a video portrait mode.
  • Apple Wallet Expansion: The Apple Wallet was already incredibly reliable, now it has become even more beneficial. Now, using the app, you can unlock places like your home, a hotel room, or even the office.

Thanks to the new update, you can do more than you could have possibly imagined with your phone. Apple is known to cater to the consumer, and they have done it again.


By Jeremiah Griffith, Junior, Noble Academy

Twitter: theballtalk1

Written by Jeremiah Griffith

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