Appreciating SweetSexySavage by Kehlani


Image resultThere was a certain point in time where I felt everything that Kehlani was saying. But around the time of her dating Allen Iverson, and going through all of her personal demons, I really fell off on her music. Her style changed, matured actually, and I just wasn’t feeling it.

After almost a year of the album being out, I am just now getting into the entire thing. Pandora first caught me in my feelings with Everything is Yours. So then I decided to take the time and listen to the entire album and it was not a waste at all.

Sometimes some songs and albums, like people, come into your life at the wrong time. Going back and revisiting this album at this time in my life has been everything.

So can y’all do me a favor, and if not this album, but another that you didn’t take a liking to, or even one that you feel was over hyped. Go back and listen. Listen intently, and listen closely, you might just be able to appreciate it.


Written by Shay

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