Approaching A Female The Right Way!


Has it ever dawned on guys that us girls either get really annoyed/anxious when we have to pass a group of guys. And for some unfortunate reason, it is never just one or two……It’s always three to ten guys.

For me, it’s not the fact that I’m scared, but sometimes it just all around is the fact that men have the 60% chance of being overall ignorant beings. They can say the stupidest things out of their mouths.

My personal experience is that I always tend to either be extremely standoffish, and ignore them as I walk past. But you know how you can always feel someone staring…Yes, speaking for most of the female population it makes us feel uncomfortable. It’s gotten to the point where sometimes I’ll pull out my phone for no reason, fake like I’m texting, listen to silence in my ear buds, or even walk in a completely different direction than that crowd of persistent males.

And for those persistent ones, that will try you even if you rejected their homie, I always hit the ‘nah I’m good’, or the ‘my father is a police officer’, it’s gotten to a point where I’ve lied about my age.

But that’s all about the approach that guys take. It’s intimidating if you and all your homies are trying to come at me. And one thing we cannot stand is the attempt to stop us by reaching out and touching us!

It is an invasion of privacy and not the best thing to do when trying to get a girl’s attention. Let me give you  guys a list of things to not do, that I can think of off the dome: saying shawty/shorty, ‘aye’, shouting/yelling, and don’t call her sexy. View her as something more than visual stimulation.


Since every girl is different, she may be attracted to something that others may not. The only thing that I can say is to be respectful and subtle. My number one tip, would be to make her laugh. After you make her laugh, you got her!

And appearance does matter. I personally spot the teeth first, then the hair cut, and the shoes. It’s more important that you’re at my level before I even consider, stopping and having a conversation with you.

Written by Shay

Working so I'll no longer have to introduce myself💯.


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