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Are These The Days Of Hitler 2.0?


They’re called concentration camps. It’s not a spa, or a daycare center, or even a holding cell. It’s a concentration camp, and it was implemented by the orange baboon who calls himself running this country, and to be honest orange baboon is not the worst thing I can call him.

I honestly thought to myself, back in 2017, “Oh there’s no way Trump is going to win this election.” I firmly believed there was too much intelligence and compassion in this country to elect someone like that to run it. I have never been so naive in my entire life.

But where is the surprise really? It’s not as if I do not know the history of America. Considering the household I grew up in I would say I am very well versed on all things “America.” But I still did not think the people of this country would ever regress this far.

Apparently,Trump has decided to use “tougher” immigration tactics to solve this alleged problem. He even referred to his latest strategies as an extermination exercise. Extermination. As if America needs to rid itself of termites. These are people, living, breathing human beings. Women, children, men. They bleed the same way we all bleed. I am not trying to pretend that this country was not founded on racism. In fact I know a good portion of the citizens here live and breathe it.

However, I did not think it would be so easy to fall back into the 1930s. He literally describes immigrants/immigration as animals and an infestation. Yes, because he is just the pinnacle of all things human. Someone who makes a game out of sexually harassing and degrading women on a regular basis just to see how often he can get away with it is exactly what all people should aspire to be. Because that’s not animalistic behavior at all.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen resigned recently, and she has been replaced with Kevin McAleenan. After her resignation Trump made the comment, “I want to thank Kirstjen Nielsen for her service, but we want to go in a tougher direction.”

You all are smart, so I’m certain I do not need to decipher through the obvious issues of Trump replacing Nielsen, a woman, with McAleenan, a man, because the direction she was going in was not “tough enough.”

Aside from this ridiculous wall he insists on building and these concentration camps he is forcing families into, the rest of his tactics include:

  1. Further limits on those who can seek asylum.
  2. Stronger action to close ports of entry along the Mexican border.
  3. An executive order to end birthright citizen. (This one might be the most comical.)
  4. A more robust embrace of active duty troops to secure the border against illegal immigration.

Who knows which one he will choose first. It’s not like he is known for proper decision making or organization. Neither is he known for intelligence, compassion, sophistication, or maturity. One thing we do know is that he is in favor or revisiting the family separation idea, but harsher this time.

I would not be surprised if ICE started to raid elementary schools and high schools, pulling kids out and forcing them into the back of their vans and driving them off to destinations unknown without their consent or the consent of their parents. Now what does that sound a lot like?

Oh yeah, kidnapping. Instead it’s not considered a criminal act because the “President” of the United States made the order. It’s not the first crime he was almost charged with but cleared of because he decided he did not want to be punished. To be honest I do not know how he gets away with half of this stuff. It doesn’t matter though.

What people need to focus on now is making sure his position is terminated. Trump 2020 cannot be a thing. Look at what’s happening around you. I mean really open your eyes and take witness. Get angry, frustrated, sad, annoyed, disgusted, whatever. Just as long as after that emotion you feel stirs up action to follow suit.

And in case my opinion in this piece was not clear, let me make it plain. Donald Trump disgusts me, and I hope this story somehow finds its way to him, because I’m not one of those reporters that is going to go back and forth with him on Twitter. I’m always available for a meet up.


By Abena Bediako, University of Missouri-Columbia Alumni

Twitter: @bediakovernita

Instagram: rastaxgoddess



Written by TrueStar Staff

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