Are UFOs Really Real?

U.S. Department of Defense

Men in Black, Independence Day, Alien vs. Predator, Arrival, Darkest Hour. All of these movies, and countless others, have shown us that extraterrestrial beings may exist. The movies were giving us hints and clues in plain sight but some of us weren’t able to read between the lines. New info may be changing the minds of many.

A recent story featured on “60 Minutes” got everybody talking about how life beyond Earth is real. On the iconic news show, journalist and correspondent, Bill Whitaker, sat down with two former Navy pilots and discussed their UAP–unidentified aerial phenomena–sightings back in 2004.

Lieutenant commander Alex Dietrich and commander Dave Fravor stated they saw something “unsettling and unexplainable” while flying over the pacific ocean in ‘04. At the time, Fravor was a commander of the F/A-18F squadron on the USS-United States ship. Sitting down with Whitaker was the first time the sighting was ever discussed openly. “It was unidentified. And that’s why it was so unsettling to us. Because we weren’t expecting it. We couldn’t classify it,” stated Dietrich.

After years of different sightings of UFOs, the Pentagon wants to know what’s out there now.

“So your mind tries to make sense of it,” said Dietrich of the flying object. “I’m gonna categorize this as maybe a helicopter or maybe a drone. And when it disappeared. I mean it was just…”

Now that sightings of UFOs are being viewed as more factual than fantasy, do you think extraterrestrial life will invade Earth? Are they here to watch us evolve? Is Earth just another planet for them to explore just like us with Mars? So many questions yet not enough answers. Dm me if you want to know more or discuss deeply about other life forms.

For the “60 Minutes” transcript click here.


By Jaden Stewart, Senior, Perspectives Charter School

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