Are You Putting Too Much Of Your Business In These Streets?

“MIND YO BUSINESS!”  I love telling other people that, but I’ll be the main one posting everything that happens to me. How can you expect people to stay out of your personal life when you practically invite them in?  This generation is literally brainwashed into thinking that it’s okay to post everything, but then we get mad when everybody knows what’s going on in your life. Here are some things y’all most definitely need to know about what you should and shouldn’t share with the world.

Everything AIN’T for your viewers. OMG, I’m so tired of opening Snapchat and watching stories that are 20 minutes long! Snapchat does not need to see everything you get to eat. You don’t need to post a picture every time you go to the mall or out of town either. I can understand you wanna show people that you’re living your best life, but if you were REALLY living your best life, you wouldn’t feel the need to show it off or get hearts of approval from people. You wanna post some pictures of you from that party last night or videos of you going out to eat with friends? Gone ‘head girl, I’m not stopping you. But if you’re posting videos every five minutes, you’re just overdoing your part. Know when and what is appropriate to post.

Keep your relationship OFF social media. I cannot express this enough, but this generation is WEIRD. Every time one of us get a ‘lil boyfriend or girlfriend, we feel the need to post something about them 25/8. Now it ain’t nothing wrong with showing off your significant other (unless he or she is a side piece, lol), but some of y’all just taking it too far. If you’re posting every time you and your ‘lil boo get into it, then EVERYBODY and their mama gonna know what’s going on in your relationship. Then as soon as y’all break up, both of y’all run to social media and see who can embarrass who more! What in the childish? Stop giving others the opportunity to judge you and your decisions about who you’re with.

Be CAREFUL about what you post. Now we’ve all heard this before: “Be mindful of what you put on social media because it never goes away.” BLAH BLAH BLAH. You might think it’s BS, but it’s not. You do need to watch what you post. One, because it follows you. You can’t go posting videos with your goodies all out or cursing up a storm and then think you can apply for a job. What if the manager saw your Instagram page? Two, you also need to watch what you post because there are some crazy people out here and you never know who could be plotting on you. Staying alert is important and believe it or not, it all starts with being careful on social media.

Social media is not all about showing off stuff and trying to get likes or views. Have fun with what you post, that’s the point of having pages and accounts anyways. Just be more mindful of what you put out there. No wonder the whole school knows what you’ve been doing, LOL.


By Afolasade, Sophomore, Brooks College Prep

Snapchat: @shaeeqveen / Instagram : s.pr3tty_


Written by TrueStar Staff

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