Are You Ready For The Puerto Rican Parade and Carnival?

The Puerto Rican Parade and Carnival in Humboldt Park is right around the corner! The parade is in celebration of the 3.2 million Puerto Ricans that live in the U.S. mainland, and the influence of Puerto Rican culture in the United States. It started as a sort of activism movement in the early 50’s to fight against racial discrimination against Hispanics.

The carnival is being set up in Humboldt Park, and will be available between June 9th all the way to June 12th. There are different schedules for what opens on which day though. The 9th is when the carnival opens with classic carnival rides, games, and foods. The place opens at 4pm along with everything within the carnival. On the 10th is when the festival opens, which includes many delicious food stands with traditional Puerto Rican food available, along with art all over the park, and tropical beverages.

June 11th is the actual parade, which starts at 2pm, and it’ll be taking place along Division Street in the area known as “Paseo Boricua” from Division and Western to Sacramento and Division. Plenty of floats will be there, along with classic and traditional Puerto Rican music such as bomba, plena, salsa, bachata, and merengue. June 12th is the last day to experience the carnival before it’s closed and taken down. All carnival days end at 10pm for anyone under 21 years old.

There’s different sale prices on the website for different days. On Thursday, tickets will be free because it’s a community day. On Friday, tickets will be $10 both online and in person. This is a two-day ticket deal, which is why it’s not the normal $5. There are also $8 one-day tickets available for Saturday and Sunday. For those who are 21 and older, and looking to stay past 10pm, there are VIP and Lounge tickets online. For Saturday and Sunday the VIP Lounge tickets are $77.

While the parade and carnival are extremely fun to partake in, they can also be very dangerous due to the history of fights and shootings. I recommend leaving soon after nightfall, if not just a little sooner to be on the safe side. COVID is also still around and very prominent, so be careful with masks and social distancing as much as possible. Other than that, have a blast! Every year is fun, and for the past two years, there hasn’t been a parade for two years due to the pandemic, and this one’s definitely going to be bigger and grander than previous ones.

Click here for more information on the prices and performances.


Written by Sasha Gonzalez, a junior at ChiArts

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Written by Sasha Gonzalez

Sasha Gonzalez is a junior creative writer at Chi Arts majoring in fiction writing. She's a sucker for baked sweets, good sci-fi and fantasy, and loves reading webcomics. She adores all sorts of animals and is the owner of a cat named Mocha.

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