Are You Up On Childish Gambino’s “Summer Pack”?


Have you checked out any of the songs that Childish Gambino has put out recently? “Summertime Magic”? “It Feels Like Summer”? No? You knew all the words to “Redbone,” and could do the choreography from “This Is America” in your sleep, so I figured you would keep tabs on him. The two new songs make up the Summer Pack EP. If you’re not up on them, you really should take a listen.

The more popular one, “Summertime Magic,” has the perfect mix of soul and EDM to make it actually enjoyable. It’s not one of those super cliche, “dance in a mosh pit at a festival” type of songs where you move because you kinda have to instead of because you want to. It’s a song that you play on a summer day when you and your entire squad are in the car with the windows down just living your best lives.

The other song, “It Feels Like Summer,” seemed a little bad to me at first. I gave it a super “eh,” and I really expected more from Gambino. But then it kept coming on shuffle, and it started to grow on me. His voice is so relaxing, and it sounds like something that would be on his last album, Awaken My Love! I really think that the way Gambino sings the song and sets the mood is the only reason I like the song.

His sound is so creative and unique, but you can easily see the influences from soul, rock, and electronic music. His older music is good too.  Before he was known as a soulful vocalist, he had a rather interesting rap career. He rapped about a bunch of things including his childhood experiences, confrontations about his race, and ability to flex on all those people that doubted him. His songs were always clever and relatable in some way. He really presents himself as someone that is still human despite his fame. He still makes mistakes and gets humiliated like everyone else in this world.

Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, had a very successful reign in the rap game, but he redefined his sound with his last album. He displayed his vocal versatility with a R&B and soul album that truly touched my soul. You can just feel the emotion behind everything he says, and it is astonishing. He is a very talented artist and I encourage you to look into some of his stuff. His music will diversify your playlist. Trust me.


By Kyla Hubbard, Junior, Whitney Young

Instagram: @kyy.r

Written by IVC Productions

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