Are You Watching ‘Behind Her Eyes’?

‘Behind Her Eyes’ is now streaming on Netflix

If you loved Jordan Peele’s psychological thriller “Us,” then you’ll definitely have a soft spot for author Sarah Pinborough Netflix’s adaptation of “Behind Her Eyes”. If you don’t want any spoilers for the series that’s circling major attention across social media, then I’d advise you to stop reading now. Just saying.

This won’t be similar to one of the usual reviews you may read on a series, with a recap of every episode and anything as such. In this review, we’ll focus on how the series introduced a type of out of body experience to audiences that were very unfamiliar with the concept.

With the gift of practicing and mastering astral projection, humans are able to astrally project their spirits in different locations or into bodies they can visualize. It’s a mind blowing experience to witness throughout the series as we realize that what we predicted about knowing the true depths of what’s wrong with the character Adele is completely deeper than we could have ever imagined.

The series often begins with a familiar storyline of a woman, “Louise” played by Simona Brown, who meets and hooks up with a random guy, “David” played by Tom Bateman, who becomes entangled only to realize that Louise’s new job is as his receptionist. However, we soon find out that David is very unhappily married to “Adele,” played by Eve Hewson, who has clear psychological issues.

As the episodes unfold and dig deeper into the storylines of the three, Louise almost becomes fascinated and obsessed with the couple to uncover the true depths within their marriage. Despite warnings from David that she needs to stay away and that she’s getting too close, does Louise listen? Of course not.

As the episodes begin to unravel, we see Adele begin to practice the art of astral projection that allows her to know exactly what’s going on in any location or setting of her choice without having to physically be there. This also means she has the ability to insert her soul or energy within someone else and take over them as a host. According to, “In astral projection, this is often thought of (and depicted) as the soul leaving the body and traveling to some sort of new plane of consciousness.”

One of the aspects that I loved about the series when dealing with the concept of astral projection is the different colors used to depict what the souls looked like. As well as how they made the audience feel when seeing the process happen and the camera angles set to give it a more in-person look. Astral projection isn’t a concept that you normally see within different series, but I thought “Behind Her Eyes” really lived up to the name it was given of the series.

Did this series spark my interest in further researching and wanting to participate in the act of astral projection? Possibly. But, Netflix fans across social media shared their mixed responses regarding the twisted ending of Adele not ever being who we truly thought she was, but her body being hijacked by another astral projection host. Like I said, if you enjoyed Jordan Peele’s “Us” or even Disney’s “Soul,” this is a great series for you to analyze.


By Kori Barnes, Junior, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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