Are You Watching Season 2 of ‘Outer Banks’?

The Pogue 5 bring the drama and excitement in season two of “Outer Banks”.

Usually with sequels or season two’s of any hit movie or series, it’s often a hit or miss. Unfortunately, the majority of the time, it’s most likely a miss. However, the second season of “Outer Banks” didn’t disappoint me or their fan-base at all according to social media platforms. Of course, when the season initially dropped on Netflix, it was immediately trending at #1 for a week straight. In that timespan, I definitely binge watched the show within the first few days and am already ready for season three to drop!

Season two picks up right where they left off with fans. Remember thinking that John B and Sarah didn’t survive the storm and that they were presumed dead? But, what good would that do to kill off two of the most important characters in the show already?

Spoiler Alert: John B and Sarah are very much alive and they’re still on the quest to secure the treasured gold and get back to their loved ones and living Pogue style. But of course, with more money comes more greed and drama.

With the Pogue 5–John B (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (J.D.), and Sarah (Madelyn Cline)–they are once again united about clearing John B’s name of the unjust murder that killed a woman police officer and put them on the run. After it seemed that the kids have endured it all, more twists and turns are revealed with fake deaths and blown up yachts, strangulation and drowning attempts among siblings, definite division among family, near death experiences and gun wounds, and a shocking bombshell that was dropped at the end of the season finale. Could you possibly guess what it is? After John B has carried the burden of avenging his father’s death and finding the long lost treasure and gold, it’s revealed that John B’s father is actually alive! And not only that, but it seems that he’s been more in the loop and aware of what’s been happening in the Outer Banks with the 5 Pogues more than we realize. It’s safe to say, season three is definitely on its way.

What was your reaction to the second season of “Outer Banks”? Make sure to leave your reaction in the poll below! And if you aren’t up on this show, start streaming both seasons now on Netflix.


By Kori Barnes, Senior, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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