Are You Watching Season 3 of “YOU”?

Actors Penn Badgley (Joe) and Victoria Pedretti (Love) star in the Netflix hit “YOU”.

Normally, popular series can often have a hard time with outdoing themselves from their prior work. However, “YOU” has completely taken the pressure of season 3 in complete stride.

“YOU” has become such a massive sensation that the news of season 4 was already released before fans could completely get through their binge watch of season 3! But, who’s mad about it? I’m certainly not, and now we might even get to see super-fan Cardi B show off her acting chops in the next season.

As what can be expected, Joe (Penn Badgley) is going to undeniably fall for “the one” or his true love after discovering that Love (Victoria Pedretti) was capable of just as much darkness as he is. But during this season we were introduced to two new love interests for Joe, Natalie and Marienne, but only one seems to make it out alive and unscathed at the end. (Spoiler Alert: Joe’s infatuation interest, Natalie, is the first one to die by getting killed by Love.) Yes, Love has yet again showed the lengths as to what she’ll do to keep her family together when she feels threatened. However, how will these two young parents ever become a good role model for their son, Henry? Who they sometimes call “Forty” in remembrance of Love’s dead brother who died while trying to protect his sister when he uncovered who Joe was. Yeah, it gets weird.

Shalita Grant stars as Sherry.

Another aspect of what I loved about this season was the maturity they incorporated regarding sexual activities and gender fluidity. This season’s breakout star, Shalita Grant, who plays Sherry, was one of the most entertaining characters throughout the episodes. Sherry is practically the epitome of what our generation has come to with the rise of social media. She uses her impact as an Influencer throughout her community to dominate her power amongst the elite. Sherry and her husband, Cary, seem to have the perfect life despite them all acknowledging just how shallow their neighborhood can be. A surprising twist was Sherry and Cary extending the invitation for Joe and Love to join them for sexual relations. Which in the end resulted in Sherry and Cary being locked in the replica glass box that Joe has continued to build in each new city he resided in since season 1.

I wonder who will be stuck next in the glass box in season 4.

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By Kori Barnes. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Written by Kori Barnes

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