Ari Lennox Keeps R&B Alive with ‘Age/Sex/Location’

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R&B singer Ari Lennox recently dropped her sophomore album: Age/Sex/Location. If you don’t know who Ari Lennox is let me fill you in.

Lennox is a 31-year-old singer from Washington D.C., currently signed to Dreamville and Interscope records. She was the first female artist signed to Dreamville records in 2015 after J.Cole heard her music from one of the creatives at Dreamville. Lennox had her debut album, Shea Butter Baby, in 2019, which featured J.Cole. Since then Lennox has been on the come-up. From collaborations with Summer Walker to Coca-Cola and YSL Beauty, Lennox shows no signs of letting up.

With the release of her second album, it’s only right that we do a review on this gem. Age/Sex/Location is a true embodiment of R&B not being dead. It’s a recollection of knowledge that she’s learned from growing and blossoming into a woman. Filled with self-love anthems and F-boy diss tracks, the album is relatable to women everywhere. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Ari Lennox

“Blocking You”:  [ “Blocking out negative things and people Haters, Family neighbors, police….exes, labels, bill collectors, the ego, anxiety, bad company, fear of true healing blocking you on everything”] 

“Blocking You” is a slow ballad about cleansing and taking a step back to analyze the things in life that cause you any pain or discomfort. Lennox briefly touches on things in life that can be negative and stresses the importance of taking a break from the issue(s) and prioritizing yourself.

“Boy Bye” Ft. Lucky Daye: “Talkin’ all that sh-, where your girl at? You are way too fine, to be alone (why thank you, thank you, I appreciate that) Girl, with all that as- and no one behind it, oh

I’m just wondering if I can walk you home, oh (home)”

“Boy Bye,” featuring Lucky Daye, is a catchy flirty song focusing on the interaction between a boy trying to hit on a girl that’s not buying his nonsense. “Boy Bye” gives us a 90’s R&B feel. I think listeners will be in for a treat when they hear this.

“Outside”: “Whether you bought your body whether you worked your body love your body / Giving the girls Diana Ross, walking around like I’m the best / Don’t need no tape, let them things hang and you do baby girl that okay / Bad B-, lace front past my knee…Short hair yeah giving E-V-E”

“Outside” is truly a self-love anthem. Lennox promotes exuding confidence and loving yourself in all your forms, whether it is natural or bought. Outside is definitely a song to add to your playlist for your road trip with your girlfriends!

Lennox has outdone herself with this album. It’s an ode to womanhood and independence. Since her rise to stardom, she’s inspired so many young Black girls, including myself. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.


By Lauryn Friar, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks

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