Aries Season Will NOT Be Cancelled

I’m not going to lie, this one hurts. My fellow Aries, a terrible and frightening time has come upon us: we won’t be able to properly celebrate our birthdays this year. If you’re like me, you already had plans scheduled, paid for, and appointments booked. However, a twist of events in the world have led to the possibility of these engagements being postponed.

To all those out there who seem to think Aries don’t deserve to have a birthday this year because we “are rude and need to think about our actions”–you are hilarious. I honestly think we’re one of the nicest and loving signs out there, right? Actually, don’t answer that.

For an Aries, our motto is often “it’s not over until it’s over”. This means that just because it may look like our “season is cancelled” doesn’t mean we have to fall into that trap. We control our own destiny and the outcome. So, if we have to be self-quarantined in the house during this Corona crisis, then so be it. I refuse to turn 20 this year and be unhappy. So, to all my Aries that feel the same way I do, I know we’ve been brainstorming on how to celebrate your big day in the house and are still looking forward to future plans within the next few months outside.Therefore, I have a few self-quarantined ideas my fellow Aries can use to celebrate with friends or family in their respective spaces.

Okay, yes, Aries we love attention. So, we deserve to celebrate our day and season for the rest of the year. These are just a few ideas to tie us over. And if anyone asks you why you’re still celebrating your birthday in August, smile and tell them we’re taking over.

Stay-home Party: Across the nation, odds are you may not be completely alone in your respective space while self-quarantining. So whether you’re with friends or family, have an inside party. Order cake, your favorite food or cook, and play games in the midst of people who love you. Invite family and friends to join digitally by having everyone connect via Zoom.

Create A Photoshoot: This is an idea I’m definitely leaning towards and thinking of crafting. You have to have BOMB birthday pictures to post on social media and document that Corona has not gotten the best of your season! Have a family member or friend help set up a pretty layout or take some pictures in front of a blank wall. Do your hair, makeup, put on one of the outfits you planned on wearing out and have fun! Who are they to judge?

Have An Indoor Spa Day: This is another great idea that I think would be so beautiful and relaxing. Have your family members and friends create an elaborate and calming setting for you to forget you’re holed up in the house. Light candles, dim the lights, play relaxing music, get a massage and lay cucumbers on your eyelids with a tight face mask. Even though you may be inside, by the time we’re allowed out into the world your skin will be glowing even more!


By Kori Barnes, Sophomore, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole


Written by Kori Barnes

Hi! I can eat an entire jar of pickles in one setting and I LOVE to binge watch shows on Netflix. One of the most important quotes to me:
“and in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”

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