Athletes Have A Life Too

Everyone has their own life. Outside of school, work, or whatever we’re all humans who have emotions and lives. For athletes, especially superstars, it’s much different. We don’t treat them like normal people. They’re followed around and always being recorded. For people like us, we see athletes as entertainment, something for us to watch, so we have a hard time looking at them like the normal people they are. Like us, they just want to enjoy their private lives. This has sparked the controversy that’s been going on with LeBron James.

Not too long ago, James’ presence was felt at his son’s (Bronny) basketball game, and it was all captured on social media. He hopped into the lay-up line and got excited when seeing a player catch a lob and dunk, he even lost his shoe. Many people were criticizing James for this, as it seemed he was being excessive and doing too much at the game. A FOX sports journalist, Jason Whitlock, went as far to say that James was doing all of this for media attention and to boost his image.

This is ridiculous. It is well known that James grew up without a father by his side, usually relying on his mom for support. The NBA champ doesn’t want to duplicate his childhood onto his kids, so him always wanting to support his son is not surprising at all. He’s being the father he always wanted to have, but because he’s a superstar athlete he shouldn’t overreact or be “extra” in the eyes of the media. It shouldn’t be an issue to anyone, especially if they’re not affected by it, if he wants to support his own son then that’s his business.

At the end of the day, he’s a normal person just like everyone reading this. Athletes have personal lives, and just like our lives, that deserves to be private and respected.


By Zahara Moore, Freshman, Kenwood Academy High School

Snapchat: youngz201


Written by TrueStar Staff

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