Attack Of The Pride



I have a scenario fellas, bare with me before you answer please.

So, the woman in your life is your own personal version of perfect, right? Beautiful, domestic, doesn’t have any children and only plans to have them once she’s in a financially stable place in her own life. Not even depending on you to take care of the big things in you all’s lives. Keeps you satisfied in all areas of intimacy, body tight and right, changes her hair up often, the whole nine. Makes decent money now, but at her new job, she makes 3xs more money than you. How are you handling that?

Your face is probably screwed up at the thought.

I can see it now. And yes sad for men, but joyous for women of todays world that is exactly what’s happening. These women are statistically and consistently making more than their male peers in the biggest and most thriving cities one could think of. Of course, before I ever begin to write about a topic, I find in pertinent to do the necessary research. As a writer, it behooves me to not only provide gems, but to ensure that they are truthful as well. My findings kind of blew my mind and being an almost 27 year old, highly educated woman living in Atlanta I just couldn’t get over how great the future of female careers is going to be. I had a conversation with my partner, who makes pretty good money right now about a new job I was looking into getting. I’d applied to be a Border Patrol Agent, ensuring that the bad guys and their drugs stay out of our precious country. *Rolls eyes* However, the position being federally inclined naturally they start you off in the money – $52,134.00, a year to be exact. I didn’t think too much about it before I went to take the test and actually passed it with a high score. The possibility of me, a single (unmarried), childless woman under 30 making over 50K in this economy got me EXCITED ok! Once I got my test results back I told Babe about it and he jokingly says, “That means you’ll be making more than me (include sad face here) So you can take care of me now.”.

And then it hit me, yes, yes I would. Significantly more. I had to ask him if that would make him insecure or feel any type of way. He’s a man’s man. He brings all the groceries in the house, holds the umbrella over my head in the rain, warms the car for me on those really cold mornings, doesn’t want me to pay for much, all of that. God blessed me with him for sure. I want to kill him sometimes, but over all he’s a true king. So I really had to ask him if that would emasculate him in any fashion. He later told me it wouldn’t, and I followed it up with it’s all coming to the same house in hopes of softening the reality of the potential blow. But this seems to not just be an epidemic, this is now the economic norm. According to Belinda Luscombe of TIME magazine, 147/150 of the biggest cities in the U.S., median full time salaries of young women are 8% higher than those of the guys in their peer group. I’ve lived in Atlanta for a little over 2 years now and though I haven’t quite landed the job I “want” as of late, it’s been fairly easy to get a job with a great company. I still work for Comcast, a multi billion dollar company with endless growth opportunities and the ability to FINALLY exercise this $50,000 piece of paper that I worked and stressed so hard for. Ms. Luscombe says Atlanta and Memphis women make about 20% more, NY, LA, and San Diego are now making 17%, 12% and 15% more than their male peers. The gag is, this reverse gender gap as its been so named only applies to unmarried, childless women under the age of 30 who live in the 147 cities mentioned. Mr. James Chung of Reach Advisors believes that the reversed earnings are a direct result of one thing: EDUCATION.


We knew that Black and Hispanic women are twice as likely to graduate from college as their male counterparts, so it only makes sense that we make more. With the way that technology is taking over the world and every industry, this has become a more knowledge based economy making men that only have a trade, outdated. The lack of education confines them to warehouses and factories. The smaller cities are so up and coming, like Atlanta, so all of the women here are getting the new jobs because we’re more equipped. I used to wonder why all of high school friends and those in my neighborhood had children and were married, but couldn’t find any way out of where they are currently and then I realized it was because of my different choice of lifestyle. Highly educated women tend to marry and have children later. Thus making women who earn the most in their 20’s usually single and childless. So men of today, my advice to you if it would bother you for your lady to make more than you is to enroll in some college courses. But if it wouldn’t make you feel any sort of lack or insecurity, then well wishes. Either way, support your women. We don’t get enough support, love or even acknowledgement in this workforce. So even if she brings home bigger donuts, if she’s anything like me, she’ll just want to spend them on you and her anyway.

Chase the check ladies, it’s out here for you. We’ll chat.

With Love,
Storie Stone

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