Australia Snaps Team USA’s 78 Game Streak

Usually when I think of the USA Basketball team, I think that they’re amazing. The idea of the “Dream Team” comes up for me, where some of the best players in the history of the sport have played together. It’s truly rare for the team to lose, mainly because the NBA is United States based and there aren’t as many international players as there are domestic players. Recently though, they actually lost, and many are worried.

Although the team was playing in a pre-season game, that doesn’t mean that they weren’t trying. The USA team actually had many struggles prior to the pre-season, since no true NBA stars wanted to play in it. Many were focused on the regular season and winning a championship. They are coached by the greatest coach of all time, Gregg Popovich, which should be a huge bonus, but even that couldn’t stop Team USA from losing. They ended up losing 98-94, because of Patty Mills’ huge 30 point game. It’s funny because Mills is actually playing for the San Antonio Spurs, the team that Popovich coaches in the NBA.

What does this mean? This will definitely be a huge wake up call for the team, since they were probably very confident and thought that no one could beat them until now. It’s the first time in 78 games and 13 years that they’ve lost, which doesn’t help make this season promising. I’m sure that they will bounce back for sure though, and still win the FIBA championship.


By Angel Brito, College of the Holy Cross, Freshman, Instagram: brito.angel35

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