Avatar 2: ‘The Way of the Water’ Coming Soon

Avatar: The Way of the Water

The long awaited sequel to the box office breaker we call Avatar is on the horizon, as it hits theaters this coming December. If you’re not familiar with the first Avatar, stop reading and do yourself a favor and check it out. A short trailer for the upcoming project was dropped earlier this week, but it didn’t divulge any story details. From the very few words said at the end of the trailer, it seems we’re getting a story that revolves around a family issue, as our protagonist says, “Wherever we go this family is our fortress.” Fortunately for us fans, we still have plenty of time to figure out the story in the upcoming months. Although the trailer does not give story details like most trailers, it does an amazing job of re-introducing us to Pandora. The trailer shows vivid colors and beautiful landscapes, including a forest, waterfalls and of course some amazing underwater shots.

It can’t be overstated how beautiful this movie looks. The visuals are pure eye candy and have come a long way from the first one, which were a pretty big deal back then. From the trailer it seems we’re bound to find new creatures and more captivating landscapes. Not to mention we’re going underwater, so that means we’re going to be introduced to some underwater creatures. The combination of amazing visuals and worldbuilding I see in this trailer has me excited. Best believe I’ll be first in theaters when it drops this December.


By Gary Langfield Jr, Junior, The Noble Academy

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