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The Pros To Cutting Your Hair

Nappily Ever After on Netflix is a movie that all Black women need to see. It can actually inspire you to get out of your comfort zone with your hair and maybe your life. The movie basically tells the story of a woman who went out on a whim and cut her hair after a series of unfortunate events, but that one haircut allows her to fully grow into herself and gain a sense of confidence she never had before.

For a girl who has cut her hair, I can attest to this 100 percent. After cutting your hair you may feel new and refreshed. In addition to that, there are a lot of more pros about being a bald baddie.

Less Time in the Morning

One thing I love about having my haircut is that in the morning I can wake up and go without having to fix my leave out or undo my twist outs. If you think you need a haircut just put a durag on and call it a day! They’re some really fashionable ones.

Hair Cuts Are Cheaper

One thing I think everyone would love is to spend less money on their hair. Sew-ins, blowouts, braids all that can be super expensive. But being bald or having a short cut you can help you save some coins. A haircut on the average for me is about $20-$25 and that’s a hell of a lot less money I had to pay for sew-ins.


Bold Colors ALWAYS Look Good

I’m not saying with longer hair you can’t, but man, color looks really good on short hair. It’s also easier to manage the coloring process when your hair is short. So far I’ve had red, blonde, and turquoise styles, but I’m planning on trying more wild colors like pinks and purples. It really makes you stand out even more and looks great!

There are so many pros to doing a big chop. It’s a way to start fresh if you have damaged hair or you just want something new. Regardless, if your hair is short or long, rock it and own it! But if you’ve been considering cutting your hair I say go for it!


By Amaris Edwards, 11th, Brooks College Prep

Snapchat: @yungshawty_a
Instagram: @yungshawty_a

Written by IVC Productions

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